How to Remain Serene in Quarantine

One month ago today we were living in a different world. When I think about it, I won’t lie – it freaks me out! We’ve almost hit the month mark on quarantine. So many of my patients, clients, friends, and family are talking about the feelings this said quarantine are bringing about. I keep hearing fear, anxiety, sadness, and weariness.

I have put together a list of ways to cope with quarantine.. what have you been doing that helps?

1.) strap on your sneakers and get outside for a walk or a run

2.) check out the girls over at mend. in Newport, RI – they are a woman owned yoga studio – offering virtual sculpt, vinyasa, and restorative flows – donation based.

3.) one of my faves is DeStress Monday – nonprofit health initiative associated with several universities – provides helpful and evidence based stress reduction tools and resources for free!

4.) another favorite for all things life – goop – can’t even get into the amazing things this website has to offer… go see for yourself! – they just added a meditation guide with novice to expert tips!

5.) my girl Live Well With Janelle is offering instagram live yoga flows on Mondays and Thursdays to help you capture those much needed deep breaths.

6.) take a class – Yale University is offering a course through Coursera “The Science of Well-Being” for free

7.) learn a new language over at Duolingo for free

8.) head over to YouTube and learn a new skill such as calligraphy or knitting

9.) riffle through old photos that make you smile and perhaps make a photo album to look back on in years to come

10.) declutter your home and space to create a stress free environment with the help of Marie Kondo

What have you have been doing to help reduce quarantine stress and anxiety!?


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