To Pack Or Not To Pack…

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I am a hot mess.

When it came to packing my hospital bag – I started around 11 pm Friday, September 6th. For reference sake, my daughter was born Saturday, September 7th.

I am NOT good at packing. To the point where I actually have to have my mom or best friend help me for basically every trip. It has always been overwhelming to me. “Will I need these shoes, what if I don’t pack enough, this outfit obviously needs to come its too cute to leave behind.” I don’t wear half of what I bring let’s be honest.

If I only had someone to tell me what to pack in my hospital bag – or maybe just pack it for me? Just kidding- but not really.

Now that I’ve been through the process I have created a simple and concise hospital bag checklist! Feel free to download and use for yourself – or perhaps include with your best friends shower gift!

On average moms who deliver vaginally will spend one to two nights in the hospital whereas if you deliver via cesarean section you may be looking at three to four nights. Keep this in mind when packing however also remember that most hospitals supply basics such as towels, sheets, gowns, and don’t forget those beautiful postpartum panties.

When patients ask when they should pack their hospital delivery bag I usually recommend around the 35-week mark – not the 38-week mark at 11 pm like myself!

I am going to include a few of my must-have hospital bag items!

  • Nursing support pillow – the first few days of breastfeeding are like trying to hold on to a wet fish as they try and get off the fishing line – anything to make it easier. Breastfeeding is often thought of as “natural” and “innate” but if I’m being honest its often hard AF, but it gets easier! This nursing pillow is amazing in the sense that you don’t have to move it all around – its made for twins but don’t freak out – it won’t replicate your fetus.
  • Nipple cream – ever breastfed a barracuda? Just kidding – but your nipples probably will be saying that by day 3. Love this nipple cream – its all-natural and you don’t have to worry about baby consuming anything harmful.
  • Comfortable nursing wear – anything Kindred Bravely– when pregnancy insomnia strikes I recommend strolling this site.
  • Go home outfit – JUMPER – need I say more? Comfy, easy to breastfeed, and nothing rubbing up against your who-ha or cesarean section incision. Recommend getting a dark color.
  • Car seat – swear by UppaBaby everything – hate to sound like a snob and nearly puked when I saw the price but it’s been worth every damn penny.
  • Receiving blankets – Some people use their basket of swaddles – others don’t. I however delivered a gal who throws up exorcism style with no one spared. We use our swaddles for burp cloths, blankets, towels, and wipes! I have fallen in love with all things aden & anias, Little Unicorn, and LouLouLollipop
  • Onesies and go home outfit – Most hospitals supply their own onesies but I did bring a few as I know babies have sensitive skin so I washed with Dreft newborn detergent beforehand and also who doesn’t want to dress their baby up minutes after they pop out!? I am a sucker for organic clothing as I’ve watched one too many documentaries on Netflix about horrible conditions in sweatshops plus they’re so comfy I wish they made them in my size. My favorites include: Burt’s Bees Organic Onesies, GAP organic baby, MilkBarn, Hanna Anderson, TeaCollection.
  • Baby book – I always recommend bringing your baby book with you to the hospital. The nurses can help with footprints, you can trot down your thoughts that you’ll soon forget, and browse through it while you’re in labor. Our best friends got us the baby book from Artifact Uprising and I cry just looking at it. It’s amazing.

May your packing be light and your labor be quick!

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