Private Nurse Consults

These consultations will help provide you with prenatal and postpartum guidance in areas such as but not limited to:

  • Preconception or early pregnancy counseling
  • What to expect as you transition from pregnancy to motherhood
  • Breast and bottle feeding troubleshooting
  • How to manage postpartum emotions ranging from baby blues to anxiety and depression
  • Relaxation techniques needed to cope with labor and postpartum
  • Infant Sleep Tips
  • And anything else pertaining to pregnancy, postpartum, and early parenthood
  • Currently offering 15, 30, and 60-minute consultations via phone or Facetime

What People Say

“I don’t know how people managed the first few weeks of motherhood without this wonderful offering!”


“Great conversation that made me feel at ease. Be you and continue to help all the mamas ❤️”


“Our call was great! I had a few questions in mind and even learned some things I didn’t initially ask about (i.e. haakaa )”

– Emily

Let’s work together.

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