Lactation or Feeding Consultation

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This 60-minute service is perfect for helping navigate breastfeeding troubleshooting, pumping, over/undersupply, breastmilk storage, supplementation, complications, introducing bottles/formula/solids, returning back to work, and more! These services can be provided virtually or in-home (Rhode Island residents ONLY – must be within 20 miles of Narragansett.)

Printable PDFs and breastmilk storage magnet provided with purchase!

3 reviews for Lactation or Feeding Consultation

  1. Maribeth Balon (verified owner)

    Ashley is amazing. I booked her for a lactation consult and I immediately felt so much better and confident when it came to breastfeeding. Her calmness helped the baby and me relax and she had such great feedback and tips. She has been wonderful in helping to answer questions that pop up. I feel very supported during this time.

    I plan to book her again when it comes time to introducing solids to my baby girl!

  2. Jenna Goldsmith (verified owner)

    Ashley is knowledgable, caring, friendly, supportive and professional. Her validation was key for my mom-confidence and my baby (and I) are doing so much better since my consultation with her. She not only offered helpful and supportive advice but encouraged me to reflect, and we problem solved together since she knows moms knows their babies best. She took the time to check in with me after our meeting as well which means so much.
    Overall, just so worth it and so glad I did the consultation with her!

  3. Lauren Kettle (verified owner)

    I am so glad that I booked a consultation with Ashley! I felt very stressed out during the first week with my daughter after having issues with latching. Ashley helped me use a nipple shield to get my daughter to latch and shared an incredible amount of useful information about breastfeeding to calm my anxieties and lead to greater success. She also helped me with my breast pump and answered all of the questions that I had! After our consultation, I felt so much more confident in our feedings. I highly recommend Ashley’s services to any mom!

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