Toddler Beach Days

“Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Now that what I’m calling “the dark winter” has ended and the beach days have arrived – I’m honestly bursting at the seams with joy and happiness! That being said I also now have a walking (mostly running), talking, and fearless toddler who I’ll likely be chasing around all summer at the beach. Not quite sure that I’m too excited about that piece. I think it’s easy to say we all need a few days posted on up the beach without our masks and a cocktail in hand cheers’ing ourselves for getting through quite possibly one of the hardest years of our lives!

However, without further ado I bring you must-have toddler beach items!

A lot of the stuff on this list are featured in my Beach Babes post (if you’re new around here the beach is kind of my thang!) However I’ll be adding some new stuff that is more catered towards the toddler!

The B.O.B stroller is hands-down still topping the charts of must-have beach items! This stroller handles all terrain very well, is easy to fold up, and is the perfect spot for a beach nap. We added this to our registry and someone treated us, but if that’s not an option I always say look on Facebook Marketplace for a gently used one!

The B.OB. stroller nap isn’t complete without a wireless fan such as this one. These are great because they offer some air circulation and help safely keep baby cool, especially on those hot humid New England days. They’re also rechargeable and easy to throw into the beach bag.

Next on the list – a sturdy umbrella or beach tent! Shelter from the sun is so very important. We’re more umbrella folks however I’ve been seeing this beach tent and dreaming about it! We used this one for a while, and it obviously gets all the style points, but it didn’t last. I think it is because we used it at least 3x’s a week and we’re always hauling it in and out of the cars. Last summer I upgraded to the classic dig-git which has the built in shovel to secure it deeply enough in the sand – genius! And created by a Rhode Islander! This thing will last and won’t budge on those windy days.

Coming in hot again this year with another bittybrah hat! I love this company because they have all different size hats with adjustable brims which range from 3 months – 5 years old and the hats actually stay on! There is a little adjustable drawstring that also goes down and around chin and you can easily secure it. So far she isn’t trying to take it off – we’ll see how long that lasts!

This year because the little miss is so much more mobile and sleeping a whole lot less under the umbrella I tried to do all long sleeve bathing suit tops or long sleeve rash guards. I have a few that I like but I have to say the gap long sleeve rash guards are my favorite! They’re easy to put on and take off, dry quickly, and are UPF 50+! In the past we have used the iplay long sleeve rash guard shirts and the hanna andersson bathing suits as well – which are also great!

I am often asked – which sunscreen do we use? Last year we were big fans of laroche posay kids sunscreen and loved it. This year we are using blue lizard kids sunscreen – for no particular reason but it’s mineral based with zinc oxide, which is important to me! Plus they’re both on Oprah’s list of best sunscreens for baby’s and kids (if you’re new here – I also love Oprah!)

Last year I shared the dog pool idea and so many people messaged me thanking me for their free babysitter. I’m back again to remind you – don’t underestimate this thing! It’s portable, easy to fill up, and I swear occupies for hours right in front of you under your umbrella! This year we’ve been emptying the water out of it, adding lots of sand to it, and using it as our beach water table. We have the small sized one and it’s perfect size and as I said easy to fold up and transport to/from the beach!

If you don’t know about Austin Baby Collection – do yourself a favor and find out about them! This company is owned by one of my high school besties (hi kel!) and offers amazing goods for every on-the-go family! I recently purchased this bento box to pack up Gracie’s lunch on-the-go now that we seem to be out and about a bit more these days (thank god.) I cannot wait for our first full beach day of 2021 so I can show ya’ll the goodness that I am able to pack in there! If you splurge on one and are packing your on-the-go littles snacks in any of these goods don’t forget to tag us on instagram – we love seeing your snack ideas! To stay hydrated – our kids hydroflask comes everywhere with us from the playground to the beach! Add ice and it will stay cold all day long which always amazes me!

Recently someone gave us a pair of native sandals and let me tell you – I am adding them to my must-have toddler items! I’m not sure about you guys but I’m quite sure toddlers are the messiest little humans that exist! Between getting into the dirt, running across the sand, and digging in the garden – we’re covered in everything these days. These shoes are easy to slip on and off, easy to clean, come in so many colors, and can be used on warmer or cooler days.

As far as beach toys goes – we’re at the point where we’re loving collecting and throwing rocks and shells, but these cups and toys are great to add into the mix as well!

It goes without saying – no beach day is complete without our large L.L. Bean boat and tote bag complete with wet bag and our beach towels from pottery barn kids and the beach people! Don’t forget your adan and anais swaddles and corn starch based baby powder because between the infants and the toddlers – we all know – the sand is here to stay!

Thank you as always for following along and feel free to share the beach items you and your toddler can’t live without!



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