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As a mother – I know the feelings that come along with a growing family. The experience can be overwhelming, but I am here to help you on your personal parenting voyage.

Raising little humans is hard enough- I’m here to make your life a little easier!

BYO Baby Registry

Feeling overwhelmed trying to create your baby registry? Been there and done that! Build your own baby (BYOB) registry with the help of your personal nurse and mama! This one hour session will help you create the registry of your dreams. We will discuss everything from the big ticket items to the everyday essentials!

Birth Preferences

Many of you have heard of a birth plan, but I like to call them birth preferences because baby’s don’t really follow our “plans.” Birth preferences are a great way to compose what is important to you during your labor, birth, and postpartum period. During this one hour session your personal labor, delivery, and postpartum nurse will discuss options and help you outline preferences when it comes to your big day so you are able to advocate for you and your baby!

Postpartum Support

The fourth trimester also known as postpartum is a time filled with so many emotions and feelings. With these two 30-minute video chat check ins you will be able to ask your personal registered nurse questions, discuss concerns, and receive help processing what to expect and the emotions that can come after birth.

I knew postpartum would be hard, but not this hard. Having Ashley available to answer our questions, provide resources, and be there in the early days was such a game changer. I’m not sure how new moms survive without her!


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