What It Means To Be A Mama

“We are born of love; Love is our mother.”


Mother was a title I wasn’t sure I was ever ready to have. However, for others, it’s a title they have dreamt about since they were a young girl. I thought being a mother was about sleepless nights, toddler battles, preteens, and puberty. I thought it was about losing yourself, your relationship, your career, and your freedom. Everyone has a different view of motherhood. Hearing people talk about motherhood is quite common – and so much of that talk is about the unexpected and the things that catch you by surprise. With the unexpectedly hard things come the unexpectedly wonderful all wrapped up in one. Until you’re there it’s quite hard to imagine how worth the highs and lows really are. Being a mother means something different for everyone – and that’s ok. That is what has helped me settle into motherhood. No matter the season or the point of view I hold at that current moment – I know I’m not alone. Someone somewhere out there feels or has felt how I feel in this exact moment and instead of changing it, I’ve learned to lean into it and accept it. Motherhood means so many different things.

Being a mother is about seeing yourself in someone else’s eyes. Quite literally looking into your child’s eyes and seeing yourself and seeing it in its purest form. The sparkle of a child’s eye is quite possibly the most beautiful and wholesome phenomenon on earth.

Motherhood is about learning to view the world from your child’s perspective – talking about earth. Have you ever tried to view the world from a child’s mindset? It’s quite possible we revert back to children ourselves when our children stop to smell the roses, kiss the shore with their toes, and watch the sunrise or sunset on our days.

Being a mother is about being selfless with it hardly ever feeling that way. Yes, don’t get me wrong – some days feel heavy, some seasons feel heavy, but think about how many happenings occur in your day-to-day life that you know you wouldn’t be doing without them and yet we seldomly feel bogged down or burdened by it.

Motherhood is about wishing for bedtime all day and then missing them while they sleep. No one ever told me how much I would love bedtime rolling around. Yet, no one also never told me I’d spend the next 12 hours waiting to see their face again.

Being a mother is about difficult decisions and conversations. It is about easy moments that feel weightless and natural. It is about dark and challenging times. It is about discomfort and evolution. And it’s never guaranteed how motherhood will feel across a timeline. Yet we’re able to press on.

Motherhood is loving someone before you ever lay eyes on them or without ever laying eyes on them. One thing that blows my mind about motherhood is we all have a different journey, yet we’re all so united. For some we become a mother without thinking about it, others think about it or maybe even dream about it for years. Some become mothers through surrogacy, adoption, or perhaps a little science. Some mothers lose their babies – some within weeks, some within months, and some within years. Yet that love is so pure, wholesome, and true that nothing could stop you from feeling it.

Being a mother is about being on a journey that can take you to your highest of highs, lowest of lows, and most content moments. It’s about being welcomed into a tribe you never knew existed. It’s about being so loved and so needed.

Motherhood is about shedding who you once were, and with each breath blossoming, growing, shifting, adapting, and softening a little more into who you were destined to be. It’s about voicing yourself like never before and having the confidence to do so.

Being a mother means being tested, pushed, and shoved to places you never imagined and yet being so thankful at the other side to have the opportunity to do so.

Motherhood is feeling weakened and strengthened in the same breath.

Being a mother is about sleepless nights, toddler breakdowns, preteens, and puberty. It is about dark and confusing times, being challenged and pushed further than you ever thought possible. I heard a lot more about the “just wait until” than the “just you wait.” I am in a season of motherhood that makes me marvel – how I could have ever survived without love this deep. How could I have ever survived without her smile and her giggle? How could I have ever woken up each day and thought I would never find a love like hers? Yet, I’ve had seasons of motherhood that make me wonder how will I ever love that deep and how did I get so lucky to earn a love like hers. I’ve had seasons of motherhood that are dark and unrelenting.

So no matter which season of motherhood you’re in right now. Whether you’re wondering if you want to be a mom, thinking about the loss of your mom, or praying to be a mom. Whether you’re a single mom, mama figure, adopted mom, struggling mom, or have no relationship with your mother. Whether you’ve loved and lost or are waiting for love. Whether you are experiencing infertility, are a foster mom, surrogate mom, or mom of an angel in heaven. Know that being a mom is simply about loving unconditionally. So to all the mamas out there today who are at their highest highs and lowest lows – you are seen, you are magical, and you are loved!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the different kinds of mothers out there!

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